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06:24 PM Kune Enhancement #581 (New): Is necessary /?locale=es in every URL?
I suggest take this variable from user configuration and if it is necessary save it as cookie.
06:19 PM Kune Enhancement #580 (New): Cancel a new blip if ESC is pressed down
Sometimes someone can click in the reply button, but for an inexperienced user the reply-blip maybe put in a random l...
06:08 PM Kune Enhancement #579 (New): Links to profile in avatar
Pop-up menu in wave avatars could link "Profile" or "Add as a friend" not only tell about the name of his account.
05:44 PM Kune Enhancement #578 (New): Add a filter in Inbox
A simple searchbox or a filter could be very useful in Inbox.
If a filter is made, at least it could search in the...


02:17 PM Kune Defect #577 (New): Some pages show Wave In a Box content
Some pages show Wave In a Box content:
Also, signin pa...
01:10 PM Kune Defect #570: blip link redirects to a kune "Wave in a Box" login page
Today it appears fixed with broken links (as above):
The link above as register user shows "Problem loading this m...

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