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01:56 PM Kune Defect #493: Inviting list of emails separated by space, provokes StatusCodeException
It works for me. Seems to be related with the closed issue #543.


03:27 PM Kune Defect #570 (New): blip link redirects to a kune "Wave in a Box" login page
the links obtained from "link this blip" url redirect to a Wave in a Box kune login page
*How to reproduce Issue*


11:35 AM Kune Defect #569 (Closed): Include gadgets in cursor position (now it is inserted at the end of the ga...
11:13 AM Kune Defect #569 (Closed): Include gadgets in cursor position (now it is inserted at the end of the ga...
*To reproduce issue:*
Editing a wave, set the cursor position somewhere in the middle. After, click the green puzzle...


10:08 AM Kune Enhancement #175 (In Progress): Translate also the rest of the HomePage
Translation of the Home page is not working for most of the languages (just for English, French and Spanish as I see ...


12:05 AM Kune Enhancement #508 (New): Capital Leters in email registration
When registering a new account, emails with capital letters are not accepted.


11:09 AM Kune Enhancement #507 (New): Changing font size in small screen laptop
Trying to change the font size in small screen I realised that it is not easy to make it smaller in small screens. Th...


01:10 PM Kune Defect #452 (Closed): Breadcrumb repeated
When double clicking a conversation in the inbox, some times the breadcrumb is repeated. See attached image of the pr...


07:29 PM Kune Enhancement #446 (New): footer is not visible in small screens
Small screens does not show the footer of kune home.


01:23 PM Kune Enhancement #423 (New): kune load time
Loading in my browser (Firefox 16.0.2 running in ubuntu 11.04) takes a lot of time (20 sec). I analyzed kune...

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