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Show location tree where you are in group space

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When you are inside a document in group space, the user doesn't know in which "folder" he/she is. We the geeks have the "tree" in the mind, but they don't even know they are inside a tree of folder/documents. This should be clearly visible, in the same way as in my friend Dario's webpage: in http : // nitens.org/taraborelli/phd you see clearly you are in << home › research › phd >> and you can click at any moment in <<home>> or in <<research>> to come back there... instead of clicking in an icon "Go up, open the container folder", which is not clear for normal users. Then, in Kune: if I'm in <documents>, i get into the folder <Test> and I open the document "New poll", the tree should show: << documents › Test › New poll >> so it's clear where am I, how did I reach here and how can I come back (as "documents" and "Test" are clickable).


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