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  • Related information on!
    • SSL support improved
    • Crtl-K Ctrl-Shift-K shortcut for links in editor
    • Wave code updated (changes: search via lucene, ctrl-k for links, etc)
    • Hibernate persistence updated
    • Some UI improvements (header and sitebar reorganization, etc)
    • Debian init script and logging improved
    • Notifications for offline users only
    • Backups: Document how to do proper backups of Kune data, for admins, and share configurations
    • Now is possible to paste big texts in messages
    • Fixed chrome flickering avatars
    • Added git repo:
    • Notification that your user doesn't have the email verified
    • Notification when your browser is not supported or needs a update (websocket)
    • Improved logs and error dialog
    • Added Arabic (43%), German (13%) and Russian (100%) translations



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Candidate for next major release

Features that the contributors would like to add in the next major version


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Candidate for next minor release

Fixes that the contributors would like to add in the next minor version


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Features that the core contributors would like to add in a future version


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