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Gadgets problem in Firefox and outdated extensions

Added by Vicente J. Ruiz Jurado about 9 years ago. Updated almost 9 years ago.

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(From a email)

Since several months, we are experiencing some problems with gadgets in Firefox. Check unresolved issue in google-wave-resources:

This issue is mixed with the, now closed, WIAB issue:

Besides, we believe there are also a series of outdated gadgets.

We think that issue #881 is currently out of WIAB scope, so no one is trying to fix it... is it correct?

Anyone knows which would be the steps needed in order to fix #881 in WIAB?

Concerning the outdated gadget problem: We propose to write an email to the gadget developers on
asking them to update their code to WIAB? We're sure many would be glad to resurrect their small extensions for them to become useful again. If anyone has access to their contacts, we can easily write them such an email. Another possibility is to create a simple page in the wiki with some tips for updating the extensions, in order to work properly again in WIAB... and give diffusion to it.


#1 Updated by Vicente J. Ruiz Jurado almost 9 years ago

As gadgets seems that are not very stable (for me with new firefox & chromium works better now), what about to show a message everytime you add some widget? Something like:

"Gadgets are for now experimental. Maybe you can experience problems with some gadgets in some browsers"
(please make another proposal of text if you don't like it)

Also we can be more accurate in the future (with more time) adding some mark like <experimental/> in the XML to mark which gadgets are giving problems.

#2 Updated by Anonymous almost 9 years ago

"Nowadays the gadgets (maps, polls, etc) are experimental. In some browsers you might experience problems with certain gadgets."

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