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Like / Dislikes of waves

Added by Samer - almost 12 years ago. Updated over 10 years ago.

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In the old Kune pre-wave (2007-2009) there was a 5-stars rating in each document. It would be nice to recover that idea with a simpler Like/Dislike or +1/-1 buttons, for each wave, where any authenticated user could vote.


#1 Updated by Akis - over 10 years ago

I'm against the rating culture. Rating is relevant only if the majority bothers to rate (which rarely happens anymore) and only if the ongoing results are invisible (else later raters tend to pick their rate taking into consideration the current result, to manipulate it towards what they think would be fair), not to mention the rating that comes from haters who didn't even bother reading the content. Whoever feels like rating, he/she could serve the wave better by writing down a proper reply to explain his/her view. When it's really time for a decision, a proper voting should take place through a gadget at the end of the thread.

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