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02:42 PM Kune Defect #562 (New): Visual bug in replies
When reading a wave as a visitor, some replies appear before their actual position.
Discussion "here":http://kune.cc...


02:04 AM Kune Enhancement #557 (New): Buttons to expand/collapse all replies
The idea already exists in many code editors, but for blocks of code. I would find very helpful a pair of buttons "Ex...


12:36 AM Kune Enhancement #550: Create a sharing dialog to better sharing contents
Vicente J. Ruiz Jurado wrote:
> Draft:
> http://kune.cc/#!kune.cc/w+1vl64ua6t0o5CW
The given link produces a "Pr...
12:26 AM Kune Enhancement #526: Add some up-vote to list tool so responses can be voted
Voted answers aren't more important, they may be just more popular. And skipping answers can lead to serious misunder...
12:03 AM Kune Enhancement #515: Add a "mark all as read" button in the wave
Samer - wrote:
> There is already a button with the behaviour "mark all blips as read in this wave".
The default ...
11:50 PM Kune Enhancement #509: Study the integration of some easy torrent functionality
Vicente J. Ruiz Jurado wrote:
> The problem: Many of our users don't know how to use P2P tools
> The proposal: to s...
11:31 PM Kune Enhancement #447: PDF exporting of docs
It is probably useless to get a whole wave as pdf. Maybe only the first blip is worthy of that. In the case of a sing...
11:21 PM Kune Enhancement #437: Show in the index of lists a button for subscribing
If I don't want to subscribe to a sub-list, chances are that I don't want to see it in the super-list either. The nee...
11:09 PM Kune Enhancement #436: Show the number of elements of a folder
In my opinion, organizing tasks in folders is a poor design choice. A filtering approach (e.g. like that of redmine) ...
10:03 PM Kune Enhancement #317: Like / Dislikes of waves
I'm against the rating culture. Rating is relevant only if the majority bothers to rate (which rarely happens anymore...

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