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Add some up-vote to list tool so responses can be voted

Added by Vicente J. Ruiz Jurado about 10 years ago. Updated over 9 years ago.

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Feedback from http://kune.cc/#!brylie:

For the list tool, it would be useful to up-vote answers, so that it is easier to find relevant content among less important responses.


#1 Updated by Brylie Oxley about 10 years ago

This can be used for use cases where people want to determine specific/helpful answers to a question, hold a vote or poll, affirm a response, etc..

#2 Updated by Akis - over 9 years ago

Voted answers aren't more important, they may be just more popular. And skipping answers can lead to serious misunderstandings or useless repetitions. We should leave back the aging forum mentality and move towards the wave mentality. In a wave, the only most important blip is the first blip. The hurried reader should get all the important info by reading solely the first blip. All of the remaining blips should be considered secondary and equal to each other. Whenever one of them gets considered important, it should on first opportunity get integrated into the first blip. That's how a wave produces quality content, superior than the spaghetti of heterogeneous info found in competitive tools.

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