Enhancement #436

Show the number of elements of a folder

Added by Samer - over 10 years ago. Updated over 9 years ago.

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In folders it'd be useful to show that there are "3 docs" inside. This is especially useful in tools such as Tasks, where we have predefined folders (e.g. "Long-term tasks") that might be empty. Locating which folders are empty save clicks.


#1 Updated by Vincent Osele over 10 years ago

Could be connected to #420, that is about folder date.
I suggest to display the date of last modified doc.

#2 Updated by Samer - over 10 years ago

It could be connected, yep, something like:
- empty folder: <empty>
- 1doc in folder: <date last modif> + (1)
- 2doc in folder: <date last modif> +

#3 Updated by Akis - over 9 years ago

In my opinion, organizing tasks in folders is a poor design choice. A filtering approach (e.g. like that of redmine) would be better. On another note, an empty folder shouldn't exist at all.

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