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04:05 PM Kune Enhancement #473: Empty messages should not be created
+1 for new empty msg.
For 2), we have a action button to delete a blip, so it is redundent with this auto-deletion...


09:16 PM Kune Defect #415: French translation
Yes, translation are done.


04:53 PM Kune Defect #439: Bad translation in french
oops, I think it is me for the '%' instead of '%s' !!
sorry !


09:55 PM Kune Defect #367: Kune translation difficult: words out of context
+1 for context pb.


07:21 AM Kune Defect #439: Bad translation in french
Is there some news on this point ?


07:38 AM Kune Defect #439 (Closed): Bad translation in french
When pointing mouse on a contact, there is a popup with _Last visited..._.
In french locale, I see _Dernière visite[...


07:01 AM Kune Enhancement #436: Show the number of elements of a folder
Could be connected to #420, that is about folder date.
I suggest to display the date of last modified doc.


09:03 PM Kune Enhancement #427 (New): Strange down arrow icon
I don't like the new down arrow button because:
* it has not th...
08:59 PM Kune Defect #426: Problem on wave date
Found an issue closed with a (similar ?) problem on date: #316
08:58 PM Kune Defect #426 (New): Problem on wave date
Discussion here:!kune.lists.6511.7232
This doc:!kune.tasks.15.5775
appears i...

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